Thai massage

Thai Massages

Our Thai massage center is open for hotel guests and our therapists will surely help you relax after a busy day of exploring the beauty of the city or taking care of business meetings. Appointments can be booked directly at the reception after you check-in, or prior arrival via e-mail
Read about all the different types of massages we offer:
Thai MOODs
This massage is the pressuring of acupressure points of your whole body. The masseuse will also strech your limbs and spine by specific exercisises which will release the joint and muscle stiffness, as well as improve the blood circulation. The treatment is completed with a head and face massage. After the massage your whole body will be relaxed and filled with new energy.
You can tell the therapist whether you prefer stronger or softer massages, however this is a very strong type of massage. Therefore the Thai MOODs is not suitable for pregnant women and seniors.
Price: 30 minutes - 590CZK/25EUR, 60 minutes - 990CZK/40EUR, 90 minutes - 1290CZK/50EUR, 120 minutes - 1690CZK/65EUR
Aroma MOODs
This is a milder version of the traditional Thai massage, as there is less power put on the acupressure points. Your body will be subjected to systematic massage working its way up from your toes all the way to your head. Another difference from the traditional Thai massage is the use of neutral natural oils during the procedure. Especially relaxing is the massage of your arms and legs, including all the fingers and toes.
Price: 60 minutes - 1190CZK/45EUR, 90 minutes - 1490CZK/60EUR, 120 minutes - 1790CZK/70EUR
Royal MOODs
This massage is a unique combination of several techniques and procedures. The therapist first warms up the muscles using the traditonal Thai massage. After that the masseuse lays warm cotton sachets filled with a mixture of Thai herbs and spices on your body and lets the skin absorb the extracts. The procedure is completed with the relaxing oil massage.
Price: 60 minutes - 1390CZK/55EUR, 90 minutes - 1690CZK/65EUR, 120 minutes - 1890CZK/75EUR
Back MOODs
This treatment is highly recommended especially for sedentary jobs as it focuses on the stiff and painful parts of your back, shoulders and neck. The masseuse helps you relax and unblock those points using an acupressure massage with the help of a special Thai balsam. When the treatment is repeated on regular basis, the pain in your back is guaranteed to disappear. The back massage can also prevent headaches and migraines.
Price: 30 minutes - 590CZK/25EUR, 60 minutes - 990CZK/40EUR
Foot MOODs
This type of masssage is based on the ancient theory according to which the life energy flows through the whole body and it is linked to the reflexive points on the feet. These points stimulate every organ in the body. However, this treatment does not consist only of massaging your feet. Great care is also given to the insteps, stretching all toes and last but not least the calf muscles. Try this procedure for its relaxing effect, which possitively affects your mind a body,
Price: 30 minutes - 590CZK/25, 60 minutes - 990CZK/40EUR

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